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AutoGlym Aqua Wax

on Fri, 09/11/2012 - 17:00

AutoGlym Aqua Wax
I’ve been so impressed by AutoGlym’s Aqua Wax I feel the need to post about it.

Quite simply it provides a great finish while being really quick and easy to apply. It’s not that I don’t like to be thorough when detailing the Elise, quite the opposite, like many car enthusiasts I already spend far too long with a bucket and sponge out. The big plus point of Aqua Wax is that it is a light wax which can be applied directly to any surface (even glass and rubber) straight after washing, so you don’t need to be super neat around the Elise’s rubber roof seals and don’t need to dry off with a leather.

The wax is sprayed on liberally, meaning it lasts ages, and is easy to rub in while the car is still wet (although watch you don’t leave it for long after spraying on or it can start to set becoming more prone to smear and requiring extra work to buff into a shine). The wax comes as part of a kit so can be rubbed in using one of the micro fibre lint-free cloths provided. Once you have gone over the whole car you buff off with a second cloth until the car gleams. The result is fantastic creating a fully waxed showroom quality look in no time at all. Water beads beautifully on the surface and makes cleaning the dirt off next time round that much easier. Its pleasant banana-like smell is just a happy by product.

I find I apply Aqua Wax as a final step every time I clean the car, no matter if it is a quick wash or a full day detail and at under £15 it’s relatively inexpensive. I’ve been using it for several years now after being sucked in by sales demo at the British Motor Show. The vision of water beading off the bonnet of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage was just too much to ignore... it played out well though and Aqua Wax gets 5 stars and big thumbs up from me.

Check out Aqua Wax on AutoGlym’s website