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Elise Parts Gear Linkage Kit

on Fri, 04/12/2009 - 17:00

Gear Stick
The Elise has recently started to struggle when trying to engage reverse gear. When I depress the clutch it feels like the gear leaver has slotted into place but when I press the accelerator I get a nasty spinning metallic sound. It is usually resolved on a second attempt but is rather embarrassing when moving out of a parking space under public view. In general I have never found the Honda PG1 gearbox in the Elise to be particularly smooth and would agree with those that describe it like “stirring coal”.

To try and fix the problem I started by having the gear cable tightened. Unfortunately that didn't seem to make any difference and for a short time actually made the gear changes even worse, seeing 1st become something of an effort.

I thought a sensible next step would be an upgrade to the Elise Parts Gear Linkage kit. The kit claims "No more sloppy gear changes with this superb Gear Linkage upgrade". According to Elise Parts "the kit removes the slackness caused by the rubber bushes Lotus use on the standard cables. New Nylatron bushes and phosphor bronze rod ends are used, creating a smoother and more precise gear change." I didn't fit the kit myself, knowing that I was already experiencing a problem I thought it sensible to have it fitted and checked over by a professional.

EliseParts Gear Linkage Kit
Now I can’t be too critical of the Gear Linkage kit knowing that my original set up had problems. However, I am sorry to report that following the upgrade the issue with reverse is still present. I'm just living with it now, so if anyone has any suggestions then they would be more than welcome. I've tried two different Lotus specialists and neither have been able to fix the problem. As far as the kit improving the general quality of gear change? I must admit I can't really tell any difference. Maybe my gear linkage was already in good shape, maybe I'm not experienced enough to notice, maybe the kit hasn't been well fitted. I like the idea that it is now using enhanced components that will hopefully wear better over time. While I can't really recommend it as a must have upgrade it certainly doesn't seem to have done any harm.

If you are interested in the kit then it can be purchased from the Elise Parts website